Economic Impact 

  • Our school districts are the combined 2nd largest employer in the region employing nearly 25,000 professional and support staff

  • More than 88% of a district’s budget goes back into the community through vendor contracts, payroll, supplies, and services

  • Our local public school districts represent a $2 billion dollar industry in our region and serve as an economic engine that helps to drive our local economy

As a former mayor, I can attest that every dollar that comes into our community through salaries or other means circulates four to seven times through spending on housing, transportation, food, clothing, entertainment and much more. From a business and economic perspective, one of the most overlooked assets in our region is education… these systems do a tremendous job educating our children and preparing them for the future. They also provide great support for workforce development and multiple pathways to work, which help reduce poverty. I applaud the leadership of schools in our region for the work they do in helping shape our children and the young leaders of our future. I am pleased to reinforce the value of education in terms of what it brings to our economy. Rochester Business Journal article “Education an important economic driver that benefits Rochester region” March 19, 2019
— Robert Duffy, President and CEO of Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce