Project ADEPT Provides Varied Enrichment Opportunities to Students

Kendall ES students had a chance to participate in two Project ADEPT workshops in January and February. Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES (BOCES 2) partners with KCSD to offer enrichment workshops so that students at various grade levels can explore areas of interest in-depth for one to two hours. The workshops are led by experts in various fields, and students work under the guidance of Damon Piletz, a BOCES 2 Gifted Education Resource Teacher. 

Twenty-four students in fifth and sixth grades participated in the Gear Systems workshop on Jan. 23. Under the guidance of John Gentile, a physics expert, students learned about gears, levers, force and torque. They understood that gears are system with parts that work together to accomplish a task. Gears are used in everyday life, and they can be used to change speed, rotational force or the direction of rotation. Students worked in partnerships to manipulate Lego sets and try to accomplish tasks using these principles. Gentile told students they would experience a “growth mindset” in this two-hour session. “You are going to take chances and risks with your learning,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Twenty-three second and third grade students worked with Judy DeCroce, a writer and storyteller, on Feb. 28 to learn about storytelling patterns. They learned techniques to enhance the delivery of a story, such as changing their voices, facial expressions and body language. They learned about verbal versus non-verbal ways of expressing characters when telling stories. “You are the person who is the picture in storytelling,” said DeCroce. Students used their imaginations to try to express their characters in one word, a single sentence or in a three sentence conversation with a partner or two. They also worked in small groups to act out a scene nonverbally. 

After working with these experts and participating in hands-on activities, students may be inspired to examine these, or other topics of interest to them, further. These workshops are just another way to help plant the seed for life-long learning.

Project ADEPT (A Diversified Enrichment Program for the Talented) is a division of BOCES 2 Gifted and Talented Education.