Kendall Went Wild with WXXI

In February, the energy dispersed throughout the ES the week they went “WILD for Caring” was contagious! Kendall faculty, staff, students and families participated in going wild for caring by spreading awareness about wildlife conservation, learning about animal creature powers and using them during a school assembly, and attending the “Wild Kratts”/WXXI event. Through Kendall Elementary School’s partnership with WXXI-TV and their PBS Kids’ program “Wild Kratts,” students learned to be aware and care about animals and their environments.

The two-day event kicked off on Feb. 12 with a “Go Wild” assembly, where the entire elementary school gathered in the gym to meet an educator from WXXI. Students watched videos featuring Martin and Chris Kratt, the stars of the “Wild Kratts” TV show. The purpose of this show is to educate childrenabout biology, zoology and ecology, and teach them small ways to make big impacts on their world.

Students then participated in competitions in which they simulated animal superpowers. They acted like wolves, racing each other on scooters; dug through shredded paper like squirrels looking for nuts; and hopped like frogs on bounce balls in relay races. A team of sixth grade “beavers” even faced off against faculty members to see which team could stack more heavy books on carefully folded paper supports, with students winning this event. 

At the evening “Wild Kratts” event on Feb. 13, families received a passport worksheet to complete as they visited the various stations throughout the Elementary School, learning more about local conservation efforts. Many stations had hands-on activities for families to work on together during this free event. Everything from taxidermy exhibits to puzzles and problem-solving tasks were in place for families to experience. Students could even take photos using a green screen to make it look like they were interacting with wildlife. Children also used iPads to explore the different free apps on the PBS Kids website. Thank you to the many community partners who had expertise in various wildlife aspects that made this evening fun and interactive for families.