Agricultural Science Camp Proves Popular Once Again

Kendall students entering grades K-7 this fall learned more about agricultural science this summer. Forty students attended the second annual Agricultural Science Camp that was held Aug. 6-10 at Kendall Elementary. This camp was offered for free to Kendall students and made possible by a grant from the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orleans County. Students also received a healthy snack each day. 

The Agricultural Science Camp focused on science, technology and agriculture, and demonstrated how the collaboration between all three fields has evolved modern farming. The camp combined classroom teaching from instructors Robert Batt, Katie Oakes and Kristina Gabalski with hands on experiences. Students worked on projects each day that demonstrated the area of study they focused on. Students made clay and edible dirt as they learned about soil composition, decorated pots and planted grass seed as they learned plant science, viewed ticks through microscopes as part of their education on tick safety, and competed in the Agricultural Science Olympics at the Orleans County Fairgrounds. Campers who also participate in 4-H brought their animals to school to teach their peers about animal husbandry. “By hosting this camp, we’re opening windows for students to see the future of careers in agricultural science,” said Elementary School Principal Sharon Smith. “It’s truly one of the most amazing partnerships we’ve ever had. I’m so glad we were able to offer this to students, and they’ve been so excited about the experience.”

Camp ran from 9 a.m.-noon on Monday through Friday. Students had a lot of fun competing in teams at the fairgrounds during the Agricultural Science Olympics. They played an agricultural science trivia game, participated in an apple picking relay, and competed in a watermelon seed spitting contest to see who could aim the farthest. Students received ribbons for best sportsmanship and kindness.