School buses installed with Stop Arm Cameras

All Hilton School District full and half size buses are being installed with new technology that will photograph vehicles that do not stop when the bus is flashing red lights. The Stop Arm Cameras are exposed when the flashing stop sign extends as the bus comes to a stop to board or disembark students.

“We purchased the cameras through AngelTrax, which provides mobile surveillance for school buses, when we noticed an increase in the number of vehicles passing our buses,” said Director of Transportation Joseph LaMarca. “The camera takes a photo of the vehicle, license plate and sometimes the driver, which we then send to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The cost of the cameras was approximately $65,000 and was purchase through the current budget.

According to LaMarca, there have been five student deaths in the United States this year due to vehicles passing stopped school buses and hundreds of vehicles pass stopped school buses every day in New York State.