Pittsford Students Make a Difference by Volunteering

Every year, Pittsford middle and high school students complete approximately 35,000 hours of community service. Through this important work, students gain valuable life/work experience and touch the lives of others.“

With the District’s guiding mission to ‘work collaboratively to inspire and prepare our students to be their best, do their best and make a difference in the lives of others,’ it is easy for us to think of that as an end goal,” said Superintendent Michael Pero. “However, the tens of thousands of community service hours completed by PCSD students in one year’s time tells us that our students are living that mission every day and are making a significant difference in the lives of others,” he explained.

Common community service activities students have completed include:
·     Supporting individuals who suffer from cancer, blindness or disabilities
 ·     Holding food drives
·     Participating in activities to support the homeless
·     Mentoring younger students through athletic and extracurricular activities
·     Providing counselor and mentor support for local organizations
·     Providing senior living support
·     Assisting with medical research and hospital support
·     Participating in Habitat for Humanity residential projects
·     Completing Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts projects that benefit the community

Some unique community service activities our students have completed include:
·     Providing entertainment to senior residence homes through Music for Love, a student-run group
 ·    Helping to provide education and water sources to developing nations
·     Participating in mission trips to help ecosystems in fresh water lakes around the world
·     Teaching English to refugees and students in Poland
·     Building wheelchair ramps for a local hospice house
·     Providing supplies for hurricane victims
·     Engaging in activities to support inclusivity 
·     Painting positive and encouraging messages on “Kindness Rocks” to distribute in the community