HCSD partners with Children’s Institute to evaluate Social Emotional Learning practices and curriculum

The Hilton School District recognizes the increasing social and emotional needs arising in society and affecting our students. In an effort to ensure we are addressing those needs properly, the District has partnered with the Children’s Institute of Rochester to do a needs assessment that will provide us with data to take a comprehensive and informed approach to supporting our students’ social emotional development.

A critical part of the needs assessment involves ensuring all stakeholders have an opportunity to share their thoughts on this important topic. In January, the staff at the Children’s Institute began collecting information from all district stakeholders. These groups were invited to participate in an anonymous survey. The assessment also includes interviews with administrators and with focus groups comprised of high school and middle school students, parents, teachers, mental and physical health staff, service providers, support staff, assistant principals and the Board of Education. 

“The Children’s Institute will share key findings, facilitate a process to develop an implementation plan based on the district’s readiness and the field’s best practices, and provide professional development,” said Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Barbara Surash.