Third Graders Become Weather Authorities

Third graders learned all about the weather from a local weatherman on March 12. WHAM-TV Meteorologist Mark McLean visited their classroom to give a demonstration of weather phenomena and answer their questions. Each student also received a weather book.

McLean demonstrated how to create a high pressure system in a bottle. He pumped air into a two liter bottle filled with a little water. When he released the top off the bottle, the air that had been cooled inside the bottle escaped as misty clouds. He told students this was an example of dew point.

McLean also showed a video of behind the scenes of the weather forecast at the TV station. He talked to students about weather balloons, showing them evidence of damaged balloons. He answered lots of questions from students who were curious about the worst weather events that happened in Kendall. He advised students on what to do in extreme weather conditions, too. 

Finally, he took students outside to explore the WHAM-TV Weather Vehicle. They took turns standing in front of the vehicle while their classmates watched them on the monitor screen housed in the trunk of the vehicle. The classes also posed for a group photo with McLean, with the Weather Vehicle in the background.