Lego League Involves Students in STEM Activities Last Summer


Middle School students who were interested in joining the FIRST®LEGO®League team at Kendall this fall had their first taste of what it would be like when they participated in Lego League meetings this summer. Led by FIRST®LEGO®League advisor Jackie Nielsen and second grade teacher Wendy O’Hearn, students split into two teams, where they used their laptops to program robots to move through a maze on the floor and researched information about space to help them brainstorm an innovative solution to a human problem caused by a long duration space flight. Both tasks helped these students prepare for a FIRST®LEGO®League competition that they will participate in this November. The creation of the Kendall teams allows students to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields in an accessible, hands-on way. Stay tuned as we track the progress of this new extracurricular activity this year.