Firefighters Help Test Out Scientific Method

While local firefighters were teaching fire prevention to elementary students, one student in Lisa Tubinis’, Anna LaForce’s and Kevin Selbig’s Environmental Science class enlisted the firefighters’ help with a project he was working on. Student Sebastian Bartholomew was tasked with using the scientific method to prove or disprove claims made about products in TV commercials. He decided to test whether a certain flashlight could withstand being run over by a fire truck and dropped from a great height. Positioning the flashlight under the fire engine’s tires, the firefighters drove over the flashlight several times, but the flashlight remained operational. A fireman then took the flashlight with him to the top of the ladder truck and dropped it from a height of 75 feet. The first time, the flashlight held up to the impact with the ground; on the second attempt, the flashlight stopped operating. For these science students, “as seen on TV” takes on new meaning when replicating these product claims. 

The Environmental Science class thanks Fire Chief Kevin Dann and the rest of the Holley Fire Department for taking time out of their day to help with this project.