Alternative High School Hosts Thanksgiving Feast


Students from the Alternative High School hosted a Thanksgiving Feast for their families on Nov. 17 in the Holley Elementary Café. They prepared all of the side dishes, including stuffing, corn casserole and potatoes, and they also made all of the desserts. They learned how to prepare and carve the turkeys alongside the cafeteria staff. 

There are currently 18 students in the program, and many of their families attended the Feast. The students eagerly pointed out which dishes they prepared to their families. They proudly introduced the Holley faculty and staff members to their families as part of their extended “family” support system at school. For students whose family members couldn’t attend the feast, faculty and staff members dined with them. 

The students in the Alt High program are ones who aren’t as successful in the structure of traditional high school and benefit from smaller classes and more individual attention. Some of the students transition to attending Holley MS/HS for part of the day or attend Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Career and Technical Education for half a day and then spend the rest of their day at the Alt High, which is housed in the Holley Elementary School building. When the students graduate from the Alt High program, many of them attend community college, join the military or accept employment. These students learn to create their own definitions of success and become independent. A lot of them enjoyed the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills at the Thanksgiving Feast.