Next Generation Science Standards

The world is complex and interconnected. Our students are learning the skills they will need to navigate it successfully as problem solvers.”
— Angela George, MS science teacher

The students in the sixth-grade science class were happy and excited. They were studying Ecosystems and Populations, carefully observing and recording data on small groups of fish, snails and earthworms. Consideration was given to the roles each life form would play when added to the mini-ecosystems (a terrarium and an aquarium) the students had created. Study teams made hypotheses about what might happen as their experiments proceeded. This is just one example of how the New York State Next Generation Science Learning Standards are being put into action at Churchville-Chili schools.

“The most notable difference since we’ve shifted our curriculum,” said MS science teacher Angela George, “is the increased level of student engagement and enthusiasm. Our children are participating in hands-on learning and scientific method. Lessons are far more memorable when students have additional independence and responsibility.”