New Lima Primary Principal Found Passion in HF-L

Allison Cimmerer waited for the ideal leadership position for several years, and upon being named the new Lima Primary School Principal, Cimmerer has finally found her “dream job.”

“I have searched for a leadership position that was a good fit for me and aligned with my philosophy of education,” said Cimmerer. “I was very selective because I didn’t just want a job because it was in leadership; I wanted to pursue my passion in primary education while focusing on literacy and the use of technology in instruction.” 

Cimmerer worked at the Pittsford Central School District as a first-grade teacher for six years, and a second-grade teacher for one year. Prior to that, she worked in the Kendall Central School District as a Kindergarten teacher for nine years. 

“When I heard that the principal position was opening at Lima Primary, I said it is the perfect place for me and is exactly the right fit,” said Cimmerer. 

Cimmerer earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education at SUNY Fredonia. She received her Master’s of Science in Education at St. Bonaventure and received her Advanced Certificate of Study in School District Leadership at the University of Rochester. She currently lives in Webster with her husband, Jeff. 

“During the thorough search process, the Search Committee and I felt that Mrs. Cimmerer’s experience in all parts of leading schools and her proven track record of innovation and working with primary aged children, and a deep desire to keep Lima the best school it can be, made her the best fit”, said Superintendent Gene Mancuso. 

 “In transitioning from teacher to principal my main goal is to not lose connection with the students,” said Cimmerer. “I will be in classrooms working with students and teachers building the connections at Lima Primary.” 

Cimmerer considers Lima Primary as one big classroom and says that she has big shoes to fill. 

“Everybody has been very welcoming. They have embraced me into their HF-L family,” said Cimmerer. “We will all learn and grow together.” 

Cimmerer looks to continue the partnership that has already been built within the community and Lima Primary School. 

Looking forward, Cimmerer is preparing for the Lima Primary School Maker Faire in October, a parent/child night in November, adventure day in the spring, as well as all of the other traditions that make Lima Primary stand out. 

“My aspiration was always to become a building principal. I love HF-L, and I love Lima Primary! I fit right in, and all of my dreams are coming true,” said Cimmerer. “I am seeing and hugging students every day and I hope to be in HF-L for many years to come.”